Reviews of District and Otto’s

The Blueberry Files has published a brunch review of District,

But for brunch in Portland?  District.  Go to District.  I ordered a Bloody Mary to start and perused their short-ish menu, which has a mix of breakfast and lunch items.  Was tempted by the Soft Shell Crab Benedict special (until I saw the big X through it), but then landed on All You Can Eat Chicken and Waffles.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

and John Golden has revisited Otto’s and posted an updated review. Golden’s first review was critical of Otto’s and a revisit seems to have attenuated his opinion somewhat but not to the degree that he’d agree with the result of the Phoenix readership poll which rated Otto’s the Best Pizza in Portland.

Yesriree,  I’ve concluded that Otto’s pizza is good—not extraordinary—and definitely worth a pit stop. Some of my picks and pans of single slices so far go like this:
The potato, bacon, and scallions just doesn’t cut it for me—too gloppy and heavy. As the filling for a baked potato, it’s perfection.
The eggplant, ricotta, and basil works well, though I’d prefer to have the shredded basil added after the pie has baked rather than shriveling up in the baking or reheating process…


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