Reviews of Daily Greens & Salvage BBQ

The Press Herald has reviewed Daily Greens,

When it came time for the weigh-in, my salad came to $7 and change, and I had enough moeny left from my 10 bucks to buy a blood orange San Pelligrino.

Fewer calories, less guilt, but still plenty of flavor.

Take that, winter.

and a bar review of Salvage BBQ.

Jay Villani’s third restaurant on the peninsula has brought superb barbecue to Portland. As a bar scene, it’s great – plenty of comfortable bar stools, three TVs, lots of local beer on tap and booze in shiny bourbon bottles. Settle in with a local microbew, order a barbecue pork sandwich and some hush puppies and you’ll be reminded of why Portland is such a special town.

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