Reviews of Caiola’s & Plush West End

Map & Menu has published a brunch review of Caiola’s,

It’s hard to beat a dinner at Caiola’s, in Portland’s West End, but for this morning meal junkie, the Sunday brunch just might do the trick. While a meal and live music on the back patio might be a great way to spend a warm summer evening, nothing wakes you up and warms you up on a drizzly, Maine spring morning quite like a plate of the Warm Lost Bread (more about that in a minute) or any other item on the menu for that matter.

and The Bollard has published a bar review of Plush West End.

The first cocktail I tried was the Prickly Pear Margarita, a deep red concoction with a Herradura Silver Tequila base and granulated sugar around the rim. It also contains Cointreau, prickly pear puree and a squeeze of fresh lime. The drink started thin, with the tequila riding the roof of my mouth and only the sugar to balance the agave. But as I pushed through, the Cointreau began to emerge, and by the last sip the lime found its place. Though all the flavors eventually arrived, the drink seemed too heavy on the tequila. A lighter pour would have helped the other flavors shine.

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