Reviews of Bresca, Farmer’s Table, Corner Room, Conumdrum and Grill Room

Yesterday was a banner day for restaurant reviews with reviews posted for five different restaurants.

Edible Obsessions published a review of Bresca.

There is one quote to best sum it up: “When I am eating, I know nothing. But when I am finished eating, I begin to understand. ” –Don Quioxte During the meal, we were caught up in the lushness and decadence of it all..but, later on that evening I realized that this was simply the best meal that I have ever had the privilege to eat. I can’t believe it took us so long to go back and now it seems I can’t dine there again soon enough.

Broke 207 published a double header with reviews of The Farmer’s Table,

Restaurant week should be about providing amazing food and reasonable prices in order to seduce new clientele into your establishment. but in my experience, things have felt hastily thrown together with a distinct sacrifice of quality.also, the restaurants seem overwhelmed by the volume of people, and the service suffers gravely.

and of The Corner Room.

my main course was practically the same dish as i had at the farmer’s table in conception (handmade pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce), except that it was appropriately portioned and lick your plate tasty.

Travels  with Hilary published a review of Conundrum,

The thick slab of meatloaf was dense, moist, flavorful, and seared on two sides; the potatoes were rich and smooth, with occasional small chunks of potato and a large dollop of bleu cheese on top, which melted in nicely.

and Maine Maven published a review of The Grill Room.

The warm ricotta appetizer was creamy and divine, and the Cobb salad topped with a fried egg looked phenomenal, but watching our friend eat the filet mignon sandwich put us over the edge. We can’t wait to go back for dinner.

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