Reviews of Blue Burrito, Falmouth Sea Grill and The Cheese Iron

The Bollard has published a review of the Blue Burrito Cafe in Westbrook,

When you think of Mexican food, one of the last words that pops into your head is “Westbrook.” One trip to Blue Burrito Café will change that.

From Away has published a sandwich review of The Cheese Iron,

This is not your lunchbox’s ham and cheese. Smoky ham, taleggio, sweet chutney and basil, grilled on crusty baguette. This is the sandwich I have been wanting all year, maybe all my life.

The Golden Dish has published a review of the Falmouth Sea Grill which is sibling of the Old Port Sea Grill in Portland,

Connolly has definitely taken the menu to a higher culinary standard, a middle of the road goodness that’s easy to like.

Is it a menu or a dining experience meant to send you to the moon? No. And that’s OK. Not every meal needs to wow and dazzle. But in such a fun, convivial setting, you couldn’t ask for more.

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