Reviews of Anthony’s and Zapoteca

The Press Herald has published a review of Anthony’s,

I believe we need more eateries where the servers call you “honey.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I like it when I get treated like a regular, like somebody the staff is actually happy to see.

On a recent trip to Anthony’s Italian Kitchen in Portland, I got such a treatment — not to mention a great sandwich.

and Portland Bar Guide has published a review of Zapoteca.

… On cue, the bartender swung over to assist. After counseling me through a variety of tough decisions (Spicy or mild? Sweet or savory?), he produced a delightfully fresh and spicy margarita – served up, of course – named El Pepino. With a beautifully balanced mix of cucumber and jalapeno, I really couldn’t go wrong. It was different, simple, well done, and stylish. In a nut shell, much like rest of Zapoteca.

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