Reviews: Noble BBQ, Blyth and Burrows, Sun Bakery & Restaurant

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Noble Barbecue,

The culinary freedom Noble allows itself creates the space for a menu where a terrific, Texas-style smoked brisket can live happily alongside a New York pastrami or a wacky, yet completely addictive smoked spaghetti squash sandwich. A few dishes, like under-seasoned cubed pork and overcooked fries, need a tweak or two, but they are the exception, not the rule at Noble. Most, like macaroni and cheese prepared to order, are inventive and well-executed – way beyond the quality of anything you’d have any right to expect from a BBQ sandwich shop in Maine, of all places.

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Blyth and Burrows, and

Blyth and Burrows turned my expectations upside down. I expected little and got everything. The drinks were solid, the food even better and the atmosphere as good as any around. The establishment is comfortable, looks really sharp, and feels like a place one could happily hang out in for hours. My two hopes are that next time I go I’ll spend some time in The Broken Dram downstairs and that at some point my wife will stop telling me how great her bao was.

the Press Herald has reviewed Sun Bakery & Restaurant.

For an entree, I tried the chicken lemongrass with rice ($8.50), which came with well-cooked (not clumpy) white rice, chunks of white meat chicken and a ton of vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, celery, onion, green beans, and both green and red peppers. The vegetables were perfect — cooked through, but they still had a little bite to them. The lemongrass flavor was very subtle, and at times I found myself wanting more, something to elevate it above a simple stir-fry.

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