Reviews: Lolita & Ribolita

Newish food blog Eatcentric has published a review of Lolita,

Another thing that was immediately apparent about Lolita was how relaxed and calm the entire restaurant was. You can watch the entire kitchen and bar staff work, and at no point was anyone frenetic or rushing. Service was fantastic, and everything came out in a timely manner that seemed effortless but based on the quality of the food, obviously was not. Husband and wife owners, Guy and Stella, were there throughout dinner service and greeted each guest warmly. Nothing seemed saccharine; just genuinely friendly and welcoming…

and Eat Maine has published a review of Ribollita.

In the case of Ribollita, the fact that the dining experience has changed so little is a very good thing, as it remains on the corner of Middle Street amidst of flurry of new restaurants, confidently turning out delicious Italian cuisine time and time again. If you’ve ever met Kevin Quiet, you know that this embodies both his demeanor and commitment.

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