Reviews: Little Giant, Noble BBQ, Island Creek, Leavitt & Sons, Hot Suppa

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Little Giant,

An eclectic menu of hearty dishes contributes to the restaurant’s homey vibe, especially comfort-food classics like rolled buttermilk biscuits ($6), as light and laminated as croissants. Executive chef Rian Wyllie serves them with a mound of aerated lardo (cured pork fat), into which he whips rosemary, garlic and maple syrup. Spooned over the top is a tart hot-pepper jelly that tap-dances tiny prickles of heat along the back of your tongue.

the Portland Phoenix has reviewed Noble BBQ,

Barbecue is nothing without the support of a smattering of rib-sticking sides, and Noble covers familiar ground with two types of slaw (“old school” and citrus-apple, both noticeably different from one another in taste and texture), baked beans, mac ‘n cheese, fries and addictive house-pickled vegetables. “Scrappy Fries” give the restaurant a signature item of sorts — a pile of crunchy fries topped with baked beans, meat scraps, poblano sauce and cotija cheese. Is it poutine? Not really, but sort of, and it works.

the Press Herald has reviewed Leavitt & Sons,

When I got back to the office and a co-worker asked if I’d ordered the Our Famous Chicken Salad sandwich (which incorporates bacon and ranch dressing, obviously for health reasons), I felt a twinge of regret. I’d been tempted by it, then backed away. This gives me another reason to go back, and now I know I can find my way there. If I lived anywhere near downtown though, I’d walk, to skip the parking hassle. In spring and summer, a sandwich or salad to go and a trip into Deering Oaks with Leavitt & Sons would be just the ticket.

The Bollard has reviewed Hot Suppa,

Such hiccups aside, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Hot Suppa. The service was friendly and efficient, and the room was warm in every way. I look forward to exploring another corner of the dinner menu, and there are plenty of chilly evenings ahead.

Map & Menu has reviewed Island Creek Oyster Shop.

As a raw bar, The Shop’s menu is refreshingly simple – $1.50 oysters, tinned fish, caviar, beer, wine, and champagne. Island Creek’s own Duxbury oysters are served alongside some of Maine’s native varieties, including Damariscotta’s Mookie Blues, Scarborough’s Abigail Pearls, and New Meadows River’s Eider Coves. If you’re not in the mood for oysters, Tinned sardines, squid, octopus, or razor clams are served on a heaping tray filled with bread, butter, pickles, cabbages, and mustard.

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