Reviews: Lazzari, Boone’s, El Rayo

The Portland Phoenix has published a set of reviews of Lazzari written by students in the Telling Room’s Week in Review summer class,

After ordering tomato and basil, pancetta and onion, and margherita pizzas, our group chats a little until our food arrives after about 10 to 15 minutes. It is hot and ready to eat. Everything fits together into a masterpiece of a meal. The black pepper gives the pizza a kick, and the fresh mozzarella melts in my watering mouth. The dessert was vanilla ice cream served in an espresso cup, with shaved mint and dark chocolate on top. I love a good dark chocolate taste, and this one is heavenly. Every taste and every bite at Lazzari bring back memories of being at a streetside cafe in Rome as the beautiful Colosseum towers in from of me. The food is soon gone.

The Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Lazzari,

Lazzari was outstanding. Each part of our meal – drinks, app, and pie shined brightly. All three were perfect summer dining and so good, I would order them in the middle of a snowstorm too. The service was excellent and the overall atmosphere quite enticing. I can’t think of anything at all that was subpar. Go to Lazzari for basic pizza? No, go for an exceptional dining experience.

As the Lobster Rolls has reviewed Boone’s, and

he best part of the lobster roll was the delightfully grilled bun and the side of very tasty, tangy potato salad. No really, that’s the only nice thing I can say about the experience. To think this lobster roll is just about the same price as The Beach Plum. There’s absolutely no comparison.

I often recommend Boone’s for its location and food. I’ll continue to do so… I’ll just steer folks clear of the lobster rolls.

the Press Herald has published a bar review of El Rayo,

While a little bit smaller than the old spot, the new-ish El Rayo on Free Street has lost none of its personality or quality. Stop by for the same margaritas, Micheladas and killer happy hour you remember.

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