Reviews: Eventide, Sichuan Kitchen, Yosaku

The Maine Sunday Telegram have reviewed Eventide Oyster Company,

Likewise, when it comes to cooked seafood, Eventide manages to find a way to preserve essential flavors. The stuffed mahogany clams ($7) offer a good example, with chopped, deepwater Gulf of Maine quahog meat that shines through against a backdrop of bacon, butter, parsley and paprika, and a breadcrumb-crunchy texture that reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing. It’s true in the Maine lobster stew ($14), where even through a gauzy screen of aromatic ginger, green chilies and lemongrass, fresh lobster always remains the focus of the hearty, chive oil-dotted bowl, rich with coconut milk and substantial chunks of maitake mushroom.

The Golden Dish and Eatcentric Me have reviewed Sichuan Kitchen,

On my third visit with a friend, we ordered those fabulous pork dumplings again and the pork buns, the latter being a tad dry.  We tried the eggplant salad (I like Empire’s better) and pork in sweet bean paste.  That was a good meal with brighter moments than previous visits. [TGD]

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Yosaku.

Yosaku is a good place to go whether you want sushi or are looking more for tempura or noodles. Their food is artfully prepared by chefs who clearly know what they are doing. The presentation is first class and the product always tasty.

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