Reviews: El Tipico, Outliers & Shay’s

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed El Tipico,

El Tipico falls into the same sweet spot — it’s not flawless, but it is worth appreciating.

Drink Up and Get Happy has reviewed Shay’s,

If you’re looking for a place with great deals, tasty food offerings, and a wide array of beverage options, Shays is your place.  It’s also a great place to sit back and enjoy a drink in the heart of Portland.

and The Golden Dish has reviewed Outliers.

What impressed me so about the dinner there was the kitchen’s ability to serve a very approachable menu of highly provocative American bistro fare. Flavors were clear and bright, the cooking was meticulous; even the gorgeous pottery serving plates are unique and stylish. What’s more the dining room is extremely inviting—luxuriously inviting.

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