Reviews: El Corazon, Woodford F&B, Lazzari, Bite Into Maine

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed El Corazon,

It’s easy to get distracted at El Corazon, a Portland restaurant that offers an enormous range of dishes from across Mexico. Some, like carnitas-filled quesadillas, a jiggly housemade flan and fruity hibiscus agua fresca, demonstrate clearly why the business, an offshoot of a local food truck, has built up such a loyal following. Yet on the same, vast menu are bland items like albondigas soup, chicken sopes and fried pollock tacos, listed alongside overcooked carne asada and a saccharine seafood cocktail.

Portland Phoenix has reviewed Woodford F&B,

Proprietors Birch Shambaugh and Fayth Preyer — along with chef Courtney Loreg — have created an intimate venue for well-executed bistro food on perhaps the most hectic corner in the greater Portland area, and it’s amazing how well it works. Despite the unfortunate, near-24/7 presence of construction and traffic buzzing outside as part of the major Woodfords Corner redesign, the room itself remains warm, lively and romantic. F&B’s interior showcases both classic and modern elements of design, evoking feelings of sitting in a Blade Runner-esque diner with slightly Parisian leanings.

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Lazzari, and

Lazarri isn’t redefining pizza, it’s just taking it and making it to exacting standards. They’re also making sure that all the side notes – non-pizza food, drinks, and staff – are killing it too. Whether you’re starting your night there, ending it, or it’s your entire evening, there’s no doubt a visit to Lazzari will make you happy. It seems to be what they do. And they’re doing it well.

the Press Herald has reviewed Bite Into Maine.

I tried the LGC, a lobster grilled cheese with chipotle aioli and fontina and sharp cheddar cheeses on sourdough bread for $11.95. It was buttery and golden brown on the outside. The cheeses were creamy, the lobster chunks were tender, and the chipotle aioli had a little kick that took a few seconds to register.

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