Reviews: Drifter’s Wife, Foulmouthed Brewing

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Drifter’s Wife,

Most of all, they’ll encourage you to drink whatever you like, rather than steer you toward traditional pairings, and because of executive chef Ben Jackson’s thoughtfully versatile, constantly changing menu, it all works beautifully. Start with something green like the Red Russian kale salad with breadcrumb topping, or the broccoli with harissa-spiced almonds. And if beef tongue in a rich, herbal broth is on the menu, take a leap and order it, no matter how you feel about tongue; Jackson’s version will make you a convert.

and Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Foulmouthed Brewing. For some history on Foulmouthed and thoughts on their beer see this article by the Beer Muse.

Foulmouthed Brewing turned out to be more than just a brewery. They’re a brewery. They’re a bar. They’re a restaurant. They’re a Brewbararaunt. And they’re a really good one. With excellent food and top notch brews it’s like going to your favorite eatery that makes everything from scratch, including the beer. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. South Portland most certainly has a new go-to location and you’d be doing yourself a favor if you get there soon.

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