Reviews: Drifters, Highroller, Clam Digger, Eaux, Vantage Point

Down East has reviewed Drifters Wife,

Any seafood dish is a smart order. On any given night, Jackson might be working with hake, butterfish, or monk, but no matter the fish, he has a gift for hitting just the right temperature for perfect flavor and feel. The luxuriousness of the textures he creates ought to win over even the most devoted carnivore.

the Portland Phoenix has reviewed Highroller Lobster,

Lobster is undoubtedly the main attraction, showing up in grilled cheese, “pop,” and taco forms among other items. The lobster cheese crisp taco that has accumulated over 16 million views in a one-minute Thrillist video is one of Highroller’s most popular choices. Essentially a giant parm crisp brimming with lobster meat, it’s certainly over the top, if not a bit conflicting in taste due to the sharp and assertive flavors the cheese brings to the table. A fried lobby pop is the most decadent corndog analog I’ve come across in my day; the perfect match for a side of charred pineapple mayo.

the Portland Press Herald had reviewed Vantage Point Provisions,

When I got back to the office and tried the chowder, I was even gladder to have finally found him. It’s just the kind of chowder I like. He’d described his spin as “traditional but different,” and that was accurate, with fresh herbs floating in the broth but not taking away from the essential clam character.

As the Lobster Rolls had reviewed Clam Digger, and

While I was eating this roll, I noticed that the mayo was applied directly to the roll and not mixed in with the lobster – something I’d never experienced but kinda liked. I also noticed that because of the amount of lobster in this thing, the beefier brioche roll was welcomed to hold it all together. Overall, I was quite pleased with the experience. The fries and cole slaw were tasty too… just too much!

the Portland Press Herald had reviewed Eaux.

By this point, we knew we had to try the signature fried chicken and waffles ($14). The skillfully-seasoned chicken was crispy, the waffles had the perfect amount of syrup, and the dish was served with thinly sliced apple, an addition which transformed each bite into a mini-vacation to New Orleans.

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