Reviews: Dobra & 3 Buoys

A new Portland food blog called Haddockquest has reviewed Three Buoys,

I have to say, I didn’t walk into 3 Buoys expecting to enjoy anything about the experience, yet the place nailed everything from start to finish. It’s far too early in the Haddockquest timeline to declare this the best fried haddock sandwich on the peninsula, but it sets a high bar right out of the gate.

and Tea Sensei has reviewed Dobra Tea.

I primarily drink green and oolong, and occasionally an Assam black tea. So this was very different and very delightful. Between the tea and décor, it felt I had escaped into a hidden tearoom in Morocco. Yet within its big menu, one will find high quality teas from Japan, China, India and many other premier tea growing regions.

2 comments on “Reviews: Dobra & 3 Buoys

  1. “Searching for the perfect fried haddock sandwich.” That’s an oddly specific blog concept.

  2. I think it’s cute. I look forward to future reviews as its a grat way to judge just how good a restaurant serving seafood is. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see a blog focusing on the perfect lobster roll from some other blogger!

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