Reviews: Cong Tu Bot, Chaval, Sonny’s, Sip of Europe, Portland Lobster, Noble BBQ

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed Cong Tu Bot,

Hủ Tiếu Xào was especially impressive, a dish of stir-fried rice noodles with scallions, “many chilis,” peanuts, daily vegetable and brown sauce. The dish is numbingly hot up-front, while sparing the back of the tongue to some extent and calling to mind the “Ma La” dichotomy characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. The caramelized noodles are unlike any I’ve had in Portland, with a depth of flavor highlighted by the aggressive usage of spicy chilis. Fresh raw cucumbers and cilantro add a cooling foil to the heat, which is tamed only by taking generous swigs of Tiger lager.

Map & Menu has reviewed Chaval,

On our first trip (of what is sure to be many), Meredith and I changed it up a little and shared the coq au vin dinner for two. The red wine braised chicken was absolutely outstanding, and will be hard to beat for any future meals. With a bar program headed up by renowned Portland bartender Patrick McDonald, we added a delicious Aperitif Dunhill and a Spanish G&T; and as is the case with any dinner where Ilma is in the kitchen, we saved room for dessert – the decadent churros with hot chocolate sauce and salted sugar. Yes and please.

As the Lobster Rolls has reviewed Portland Lobster Company,

Definitely, don’t let this review sway you from visiting Portland Lobster Co. It’s a great spot in Portland’s Old Port and since this lobster roll was voted Best of, I feel like maybe there were just having an off day. They could’ve been short-staffed, their bun toaster might have called in sick… I just find it hard to believe that this is the quality of lobster roll that everyone is getting.

The Golden Dish has reviewed Sonny’s,

…Swordfish el pastor is wrapped up with guajillo, pineapple puree, fresh pineapple, onion and chipotle mayo; then an eggplant taco masa-battered and wonderfully puffy and crisp encased the eggplant with chili de arbol, in a salsa of raisins, capers and cucumber. These were two of the best tacos I’ve had anywhere in Maine.

the Press Herald has reviewed Sip of Europe, and

From the moment fork met mouth, my taste buds felt as a symphony was being played just for them; it was glorious. It took every effort I could muster to not inhale this marvelous creation without stopping to savor every flash of succulent flavor, but I managed to slow myself down enough to truly appreciate every morsel of this incredible crepe. Could I have eaten two of them? Sure, but was the one enough? Also yes.

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Noble Barbecue.

A first bite of my actual sandwich produced a more pleasant experience than the solo chicken. On top sat a big pile of curtido – a cabbage relish of sorts. That and the cojito cheese added nice flavors while the plantains gave some crunch. I enjoyed the sandwich overall and found the mole along the lines of what I generally expect of it.

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