Reviews: Commercial St Pub, Sebago’s, David’s, Asylum, Binga’s

The Bollard has published a review of the Commercial Street Pub,

“I’m making real food,” said Allex. “I think about it 24/7.” In addition to the meat dishes, Allex makes breads and desserts, though these aren’t on the pub’s menu. He can butcher with the best of ’em. Given a pig, he’ll make use of “everything but the oink.” Depending on the season or Allex’s inspiration, house-made schnitzels and sausages and seafood dishes show up on the chalkboard.

There’s only one way to find out what he’s cooking from day to day: stop in, take a seat and prepare to be amazed.

and a bar review of Sebago Brewing Company.

You could meet up with a large group of friends at Sebago and be assured that everyone would find something to their liking. It’s the type of safe restaurant you might take your parents to, or a blind date. But with so many other choices on the peninsula — establishments with distinctive atmospheres, refined cocktails and meals you’ll remember long afterward — Sebago is not a destination for a memorable evening.

And the team from Burger Meister Meister has published reviews of the Burgers at David’s, Asylum and Binga’s Stadium.

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