Reviews: Bolster Snow, Tuscan Table, North 43

The Portland Phoenix and The Golden Dish have reviewed Bolster Snow,

Verdisco’s talents are obvious right from the start in his beautiful food, making smart use of colorful garnishes like pink peppercorn, tobiko, and various herbs and microgreens to make each dish visually pop. The technique is there, too — sauces with lasting structure, foams that tantalize without being distracting, proteins approached with true care and cooked to perfection.

Steffy Amondi has reviewed Tuscan Table, and

Fluffy yet true to the definition of melting in your mouth we are served 3 medium sized meatballs sitting atop a deep-red sauce. For its rich color, you would expect rich flavor. Instead, you are met with a sweet and acidic sauce. I imagine that paired with the right wine would bring the fresh herbs to the forefront. The sauce is further sweetened by currants which cut through the acidity and almost make the sauce too sweet, but stops just short and instead, adds texture to the moist meatballs. A winner in my books.

the Press Herald has reviewed North 43.

A newly renovated space in a stunning location, North 43 Bistro is a modern, minimalist take on seafood. Even though the water views alone are enough to entice you inside for a drink (or dinner), what will keep you coming back is the food, service, drinks and ambiance that make for an understated, elegant experience.

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