Reviews: Blue Spoon, Salt Exchange, Kon Asian Bistro

Maine Travel Maven published a review of The Salt Exchange.

I went with the duck sliders paired with the cioppino; my lunch date chose the brie and the pumpkin-lobster bisque. We substituted orders of house-made truffle chips and caper chips for the plain ole regular variety. The chips arrived first, and I would have munched happily on these all day. The truffle won, but the caper flavor was darn close.

Appetite Portland published a review of Blue Spoon,

I want to love Blue Spoon. Menu items are creative and fairly priced. Produce and meats seem local and fresh. Service is friendly and fast. And yet – more often than not – I’m perplexed and underwhelmed by the culinary execution.

and From Away has published a review of Kon Asian Bistro.

It doesn’t bring us any joy to give a restaurant a negative review…If what you are after, though, is any kind of acceptable take on Chinese, Thai, or Japanese food, or even any kind of self-aware, kitschy “Asian fusion” cuisine, you are going to be sorely disappointed in Kon. It is, quite simply, really bad food.

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