Review: Slab vs Micucci’s

The Bollard has published a review comparing the slabs at Slab and Micucci’s.

Which brings us to the slab itself. Brushed with sauce and topped with a scattering of shredded provolone and mozzarella, its simplicity is its beauty. The hand slab at Slab ($6) is a thick pillow of dough that weighs a full pound. Compared to the slabs at Micucci’s these days, Slab’s dough is ever so slightly tangier and lighter, with the bouncy chew that makes this crust such a delight. It also spends a little longer in the oven, emerging with a perfectly crisp crust and bubblier, deliciously browned cheese.

That said, Micucci’s continues to pull off an accomplished rendition of Lanzalotta’s classic. The slab here ($4.50) is a little heavier on the sauce, which also tastes a tad sweeter than the sauce at Slab…

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  1. Tried the old Miccucis slab last week, same yummy taste but a less molten sauce and cheese that made Steve’s such a gorgeous mess to eat. Best thing about Slab, IMHO, is they serve Tito’s as their well vodka.

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