Review of Yosaku

The Golden Dish has reviewed Yosaku.

Ultimately, I can recommend Yosaku because of the genre it’s as good as we get in Portland.  The service is attentive, the wait staff is knowledgeable and the traditional choices well prepared.  The décor is pleasant and if my honest thoughts about this kind of cooking in general will make followers shake their heads, take it from whence it comes.   In the end, one should stick to what one knows!

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  1. That review is a disgrace. If you have a forum in a newspaper as a reviewer you should approach it as a professional, not as someone who would “rather munch on a PB&J” when presented with food they clearly have no appreciation for. He is doing restaurants and readers a disservice. PPH, please find someone competent, or just get rid of this guy. He is an embarrassment.

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