Review of Veranda Noodle Bar

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of Veranda Noodle Bar.

It’s a good sign if your kitchen is so busy it keeps blowing a fuse, and while we waited for a table among the folks picking up take-out we saw the lights go dim three times. Thanks to the crowd the service was a bit slow, but very pleasant. The owner worked the room with the collar turned up on a polo shirt the same pink color of the sugarcane appetizer we tried — a big ball of ground shrimp wrapped around a sugar stalk like a drumstick — a bit spongy in texture with a smoky grilled flavor.

The Phoenix’s Best of Portland readership poll results are being announced tonight. The final results will be making their way on to the newspaper’s site sometime Thursday morning. Distribution of the paper newspaper itself was delayed a day to keep the winner’s list secret.

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