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Down East has reviewed Union.

Both of our mains were showstoppers. My beef tenderloin was served with lion’s mane mushrooms and fingerling potatoes under a truffle cream, all fashioned into a sort of log across the plate, with the two fork-tender beef slices capping each end, an earthy-savory revelation, like a walk in a dark woods. By contrast, the roasted hunk of cod was as bright and light as a winter morning. Served with mussels and a twirl of pasta, the whole affair perched on a succulent slab of roasted fennel.

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  1. This is completely unrelated to the story, but have you heard anything about Sengchai Thai on Forest Ave. closing? It looks pretty dark in there; she’s been around Portland for close to 20 years and that was my favorite pad thai.

  2. I haven’t heard anything specific. They’ve been closed since at least late February.

  3. The BEST restaurant review I have read in ages!! Liz Peavey in Down East knows food, knows writing and obviously writes with laser like precision. Would LOVE to have dinner with her sometime, my treat, of course! if your interested, Liz.

  4. I happened to go into Sengchai Thai for dinner the night before they closed for good. There was a handwritten sign on the window announcing the closing. It was my favorite cheap Thai in town; sad to see them go. But I can’t say I’d seen the dining room anywhere near full for quite some time, so I guess I can understand the math just wasn’t there anymore.

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