Review of The Honey Paw

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed The Honey Paw.

The Honey Paw, a third contiguous Middle Street restaurant from the folks behind Hugo’s and Eventide, hews closer to the latter strategy. Like Roger in full flight, Honey Paw seems willing to try anything, certain they have the talent to pull it off.  The menu has a lot of noodles, and the flavors lean toward Asia. But these serve as basic ideas, not rigid constraints, and many of the dishes pleasantly surprise you with unexpected combinations of approaches, textures and ingredients.

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  1. I had dinner at The Honey Paw last week. They try so hard to be hip they seem desperate to be so, therefore they are not. They go so overboard with creativity some dishes are confusing and simply fail for the misguided excess. Out of control trendiness may appeal to some but seemed sad to me.

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