Review of Street & Co.

The Maine Sunday Telwgram has reviewed Street & Co.

The cooking can be uneven at this noisy and popular seafood restaurant in the Old Port, so stick with standards: Mussels Provencal simmered in garlic, white wine and butter; Sole Francaise; and Scallops with Pernod and Cream are signature dishes that showcase the kitchen’s strengths. If you’re craving bivalves, go early and sit at the bar: It opens at 5 p.m. daily for drinks and oysters.

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  1. This is a very curious review. While I can see some dishes going awry, as they can do in any restaurant, but as it’s been portrayed I don’t think it’s a complete assessment of the restaurant. Obviously the reviewer went only once, missing out on the wonderful tapas dishes (are they not on the menu anymore?) or the selection of other fresh, local fish simply prepared. Who’s the chef now anyway? We wouldn’t know. I haven’t been to Street & Co in ages but now I must go to see if it’s fallen into the abyss or as wonderful as it’s always been. And I certainly won’t go on a Saturday when the crowds pour in and make service slow and cumbersome. This review didn’t cut it at all.

  2. I agree with you Joe. I’ve never had a bad meal there. Looking forward to your blog recap once you visit.

  3. The menu, updated just this week, is online. There are four small plates called a Tastes which might be considered tapas.

    It’s really not fair to slam him for missing the tapas as not everyone has them. Some folks eat small plates, some don’t.

  4. Those tastes are the best thing on the menu–inventive and delicious. They should be tried for a valid, complete review.

  5. Are you saying that everything on a menu needs to be tried for a review to valid? So if say a reiewer is full from having tastes and an entree, they should still have dessert for it to be a valid review? And what they then say that the dessert was not to their liking because it akin to the thin little wafer served up to the diner in The Meaning of Life?

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