Review of Silly’s with a Twist

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of Silly’s with a Twist, or as it’s referred to in the article SWAT.

SWAT manages to look exactly like what Silly’s would look like if it were a bar — which is probably harder than it sounds. It looks lived-in, eclectic, knick-knacky, comfortable, and a bit darker. It has also developed a cocktail list that recreates the insouciant spirit of the original. There is a vibe of kitchen-laboratory experimentation. The names are goofy, and the mixers largely an assortment of sweet juices, Izze sodas, and other soft drinks. Some rims are salted, but more feature some sort of syrupy sugar, like butterscotch, Nutella, or maple syrup. While these are not sophisticated cocktails, they are refreshingly easy to drink. And they mostly come in beer steins, with plenty of ice — which reinforces the point.

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