Review of Pie in the Sky Pizza

The Press Herald has published a review of Pie in the Sky Pizza, the pocket sized pizzeria located on the second floor of the Public Market House.

I sampled the Margherita. I saw it being made, and sat by a window gazing onto Monument Square while it cooked. The crust was more like a bread than your average pizza crust. There were big dabs of fresh mozzarella melted onto the sauce, with tomato slices and a generous portion of basil leaves.

Overall it was a very nice, and filling, lunch for $5.50. I didn’t need one, but I also had a Big Sky oatmeal raisin cookie, which was the size of a small dinner plate.

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  1. They are being very kind with that review. I tasted their pizza and was pretty disappointed that all of those fresh ingredients were basically plopped on top of a slab of what amounted to whole wheat pita bread. It really wasn’t much of a pizza.

  2. Agreed. I tried their Margherita and BBQ chicken pizza shortly after they opened and found both to be sub-par. There’s an art to making good pizza and flavorless dough doesn’t help.
    For my money I’ll walk up the street and get some Otto’s. Mashed Potato pizza… /drool

  3. They’re basically using a little electric oven, so it’s never going to be an actual pizza.

    Today marks the first entry in a new food blog I’ll be doing, “Mister Meatball.” Thought I’d pass it on.
    Not sure of the frequency yet, but my best guess is twice a week. There’ll be photos, recipes, stories, probably lots of fresh pasta making, as that’s my big thing!
    FYI, I’ve been living here in the Portland area about 15 years, having moved from New York (Brooklyn actually). I’m new to this blogging thing, so any advice/criticism is much appreciated.
    Thanks, and be well

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