Review of Petite Jacqueline

Down East has published a review of Petite Jacqueline.

And then there’s the food, which ranges from deceptively simple dishes featuring one star ingredient to classic French preparations including escargots, terrine of foie gras, charcuterie, coq au vin, and moules frites. If your French is rusty, you may need help deciphering a few menu items. Fortunately, Petite Jacqueline’s friendly, knowledgeable servers — wearing the long white aprons of their Parisian counterparts — are happy to provide translation services for those unaware that, say, poireaux is a delicately flavored pool of braised leeks draped in vinaigrette. The wait staff is also up to speed on the heavily French wine list, which includes both house wines by the carafe and an extensive list by the glass and bottle.

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