Review of Nosh

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Nosh.

Today, the restaurant is all about outrageous offerings and its bar. And the bar is genuinely good. Cocktails, especially the cucumber-flavored Garden Gimlet ($11) and the sharply tart and tangy gin-based Nosh Blossom ($10) are very solid, as is the respectable selection of local beers offered on tap…When you do grab your server’s attention, be sure to order the crisp, cheesy polenta fries topped with arugula, as well as the “nachos” made with sweet potato tater tots. Thick-cut, Belgian-style french fries ($6) are also generally crisp and well-seasoned here – especially the salt and pepper variety. Beef patties at Nosh are well-prepared, but steer clear of the mammoth burgers with preposterous foods-as-buns like the Nosh Mac ‘N Stack and stick with the cheeseburger, which executive chef Noah Leether has down to a science.

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  1. I think this was a very accurate review. The burgers are indeed huge, caloric, and extreme. I agree with about all of it minus the loudness factor and sub-par service. I was there a few days ago and it was fine.. fairly quiet and our server was great albeit not very busy so perhaps that was a factor.

  2. I dunno Joe. I thought he was a lot nicer to the place than he could have been.

  3. Loved the description (and reminder) of the original concept. Perhaps Loring will take another opportunity to try that again in some form in a future endeavor.

  4. French fries there are the best! Tempura fish sticks were too fishy and gross. Recently tried the steak & cheese sub – Lackluster.

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