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Overall, it was an unexpectedly wonderful dinner out with friends. We all commented that we went there with zero expectations and came out thinking this is one of the most solid meals we have ever had out in Portland. I suggest that you, run, not walk, to Local 188 if you haven’t been there, and if you haven’t been there in a while, make a reservation to try it again. I know I’ll be dreaming of those chicken livers until we meet again…

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  1. I have always believed Local 188 to be underrated. Have had many superb meals there. Plus, I enjoy their eclectic wait staff.

  2. I’ve enjoyed the food, drink and atmosphere there many times, but often find their “eclectic” waitstaff to be flighty and unattentive. Once waited and additional 30 minutes after asking for the check, because the waiter forgot again he’d never given it to us.

  3. Local 188 could be better. It’s a darling, unique place inside (although a closer look in the daylight by the bar area reveals some much needed cleaning & repainting). I find the menu too limited & overpriced. I agree that the staff could use a refresher course on being more attentive & professional. Their acclaimed bartenders could also be more friendly. Last time I was there for just a few mimosas and my glass was empty for far too long — what is the bartender doing? Just cleaning & putting away barware. I just get the vibe that they feel patrons are annoying them.

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