Review of Little Tap House

The 207 Foodie has published a review of Little Tap House.

Although I’m a little bit late jumping on the bandwagon and their six month anniversary is right around the corner, Little Tap House is worth a try for food that is not at all pretentious, but instead local and fresh. Lovingly prepared, from the honey butter to the exquisite flavor combinations, I’m sure that your mouth will be happy.

3 comments on “Review of Little Tap House

  1. Perhaps before ‘Conquering the Portland Food Scene’ this author should conquer an English grammar.

  2. I absolutely love, have been following you for a long time and look to you for advice on the Portland food scene. However, I just have to question you on including reviews from 207 Foodie. This blog just seems to be so amateur, so poorly written, and so lacking in culinary credentials that I question why you include it here.

  3. John, in general my approach is to link to a broad range of sources and leave it up to the PFM readers to decide which ones they’ll value and read. Everyone’s ideas of what makes for a good review or a good restaurant are different, so while I might have my own opinions, I don’t to prejudge and assume that what I appreciate in a writer is necessarily a fit for everyone’s needs.

    Thanks for being such a loyal fan of Portland Food Map.

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