Review of Happy Teriyaki

Soooo . . You Really Like Cats has published a review of Happy Teriyaki.

Kum and Myung You, an incredible wife-and-husband duo, moved their family from the West Coast to be closer to relatives. Myung will dutifully man the grill and deftly sear and cook his way through several of the Japanese dishes, but the soul of the restaurant lies in Kum and her Korean menu. Some reviewers in the past have mistakenly pegged these intimately crafted dishes as Korean-American food, “ready for the college crowd.” I must emphasize, the Korean food here is nothing but Korean cuisine at its purest. Her family’s recipes are what arrive at the table in the form of each of the banchan – obligatory Korean side dishes – and every entree in the Korean menu. Not even Myung knows the deepest secrets of her family’s mastery of homemade Korean cooking.

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