Review of Green Elephant

Maine magazine has published a review of Green Elephant in their April issue.

Green Elephant’s style of food was developed in Thailand, where a large percentage of the population is Budhist and refrain from eating meat. Their devotion, however, doesn’t stop them from craving it, and soy-based faux-meat products have become an acceptable alternative. I personally find the texture quite pleasing, although I learned from restaurant manager Corin Ginter that my reckless use of the term “fake meat” is frowned upon (although I can’t understand why) and that “soy meat” is the preferred nomenclature.

Since it’s the magazine’s wellness issue there’s also a sidebar with a list of “healthy eating” restaurant destinations such as Homegrown Herb and Tea and Local Sprouts.

The article isn’t yet online but the magazine should be available at your local newsstand.

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  1. I really question why there is a need among many vegetarians to use meat as a comparison term to what they are eating. If you’re not eating meat, why pretend you are by eating such things as soy sausage, meatless hot dogs, and tofu turkey? Why not call it what is is? Soy is not meat nor should it be treated as such so the term ‘soy meat’ is just plain stupid.

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