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Peter Peter Portland Eater has published a review of Fore Street.

There was no doubt the meal made us happy. I was thrilled with the portion size. It wasn’t a cheap night at $140 after tip for two people but the meal did include two apps, two entrees, two sides, and a drink. For a special night it was worth it. I’d recommend Fore Street for those times when you’re looking to impress. They’ll provide an excellent meal, but it would probably be too pricey for the average person to visit on a regular basis. Give it a shot and add it to your special occasion list. And make your reservations early because they get booked really quickly.

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  1. I love Fore Street, and agree it’s a treat – mainly because I want to eat everything on the menu. That said, try sitting in the comfortable bar area where you can order smaller plates and get a bill 1/3 that – great for mtg up w/ friends, a date…year-round.

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