Review of Flood’s

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Flood’s.

The same holds true on the food side of the menu, where many beautifully executed old-school bar staples cozy up to contemporary, seasonal and locally sourced dishes. Among the more modern dishes, the heirloom salad with house-made ricotta and skinny eggplants roasted together with Jimmy Nardello peppers are a delight. But the real story at Flood’s is the gooey, retro-styled cheeseburger patty it slides into a seeded potato bun baked mere feet away at Tandem Bakery across the street, as well as a simple dish of lush chocolate pudding and salted chocolate shortbread. Not too sweet and intensely chocolatey, it might well be chocolate pudding’s Platonic ideal.

3 comments on “Review of Flood’s

  1. Mr. Ross and I went to two different restaurants using the same name. For his reporting on it–4 stars, no less–are completely different from my experience. The food is unremarkable, especially the hamburger. What it does win an award for is being the noisiest restaurant in the city. All that “speakeasy” wood is like a loud speaker.

  2. John, Your review is from 2 months ago, and Greg Mitchell was quoted in the Sunday Telegram review referring to Flood’s as a “work in progress”. I would conclude the differences in your descriptions of Flood’s and Andrew’s are because you experienced it at different points in its evolution. You might want to go for a revisit to see what it’s become.

  3. Not for nothing…”we are a work in progress” is a declaration that absolutely no one in the restaurant business has been afforded by the press or bloggers until this moment. I hope i am the next to be so indulged….

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