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Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Five Fifty-Five.

Five Fifty-five isn’t cheap; our meal came to almost $130 before tip, but they definitely provide some solid fine dining in a pretty relaxed atmosphere. Owners Steve and Michelle Corry have won numerous awards and also own another restaurant which I’ve previously reviewed and a new pastry joint, so they know what they are doing and our meal experience proved that. They have a great bar/lounge area that is pretty fun and also serve brunch on Sunday if you’re more prone to late morning and early afternoon restaurant visits. Whatever you prefer, Five Fifty-five is a must try if you want to enjoy some of the more angelic, finer tastes in Portland.

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  1. Saw that Mesa verda sign was painted over. I don’t thing anything has been happening in there. Thought there was lot of issues between landlord and Tom(think that’s his name)

    Also saw liquid riot painted over word restaurant. Guess they’re really pushing that they’re a beer place. Now they only have a one page bar menu. Their beer is really good but their identity is not. They need some ideas in that spot

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