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One taste, and I was planning my return. In a former life, I pursued a graduate degree in Middle Eastern studies, and during that time, I learned what falafel should taste like. This was it. Falafel at it’s most basic is deep-fried chickpeas, but getting the seasoning and textures right can be a challenge. All too often it’s dry and virtually tasteless. No so Fez’s version, which is served on a salad of greens with tomatoes dressed with an herbed tahini dressing that enhanced the flavors. Hands down, this was the best falafel I’ve had in Maine.

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  1. Went there yesterday for lunch. The food is really, really good. We had a tilapia dish and the beef boruk. The flavors are delicious but so balanced and subtle that we could not pick out specifics. So interesting!

    The prices are inexpensive and the owners are absolutely lovely. Really hope they succeed, definitely want to keep this place around.

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