Review of Eventide

The latest issue of Maine magazine includes a review of Eventide Oyster Company.

According to [co-owner Arlin] Smith, the restaurant’s crudo dishes are almost as popular as the oysters, and standouts include a lightly cured arctic char served resting in a pool of raw egg yolk, and topped with creme fraiche, piquant capers, and sweet briny salmon roe. The dish is the garnished with “fried bagel”. Equally impressive is the buttery Tuna Nicoise, a raw piece of flesh crowned with a garnish of chopped hard-boiled egg and red onion most commonly found on caviar, and further complimented with a wonderfully salty and sweet taste imparted by dehydrated black-olive powder.

Unfortunately, the article is not available online, but you should be able to find a copy of Maine on local newsstands.

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