Review of Ebb & Flow

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Ebb & Flow.

If looks could kill, Ebb & Flow would be slaying customers in the Old Port. The dining room is attractive, the presentation colorful and the tableware sparkling and elegant. But three months after opening, the Mediterranean-inspired cooking here remains uneven. Play to the kitchen’s strengths and order a selection of mezze (small dishes) served with the outstanding house-made pita. Or go for dessert and share a plate of sugary galaktoboureko, the chef’s lighter version of a traditional custard-and-phyllo confection that tastes like food for the (Greek) gods.

4 comments on “Review of Ebb & Flow

  1. Man, Schwartz pulled no punches with that one. Odd he only tried one seafood dish at a seafood restaurant.

  2. I find it odd he didn’t try any seafood as well and that his review is based on four items alone. We have been several times and enjoyed our meals each time, including the pork and shank with pasta he mentions. They have received favorable reviews, and I just find it strange how he would omit the entire Mediterranean and seafood items on menu and disagree so much with everyone else.

  3. I note that John Golden gets snippy with him in the comments on the story. I haven’t been to E&F (and from the sound of the prices I doubt I will be going any time soon), but I wonder if it’s still the MST policy to make a second trip if the first is unfavorable.

  4. Yes, it’s their policy to go for a second time if the first was unsatisfactory — which clearly this was. Don’t know why he wouldn’t have done that.

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