Review of East Ender

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed the East Ender.

So the low-key remake of East Ender offers a boost to a block now packed with good restaurants. It is quite a change from last year when the bright orange Small Axe Truck stood loud, proud and alone in Bayside or Congress Square Park. The truck was named for the Bob Marley song about the power of small efforts to result in big change. Perhaps in abandoning the truck for the East Ender, the chefs hope to follow the path of their new neighborhood’s anchor — Hugo’s, which chef Rob Evans similarly bought and remade under its original name. It was a subtle change that gave birth to a food empire. The truck-magic often results in something significant and long lasting — teen-pregnancy and parenthood, for example, or a Clinton presidency, perhaps. The new East Ender should be around a long while, too.

2 comments on “Review of East Ender

  1. I love the East Ender but this review lost me. Why bring Christian Rock and teenage pregnancy into a restaurant review? Just weird to me.

    Great beer selection at East Ender which the review didn’t mention: Bissell Bros to one of the best stouts in the state made by Banded Horn.

  2. Typical Brian Duff verbosity. It’s his schtick and it does get tiresome.

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