Review of Duckfat

From Away has published a review of Duckfat.

I like this place. And hopefully not because someone with credentials convinced me in advance that I would. It’s another great neighborhood place, which Portland does really well. You go to Duckfat because it meets a standard of basic excellence that one expects in a city like this. The server kids are hip and sweet, other patrons seem equally contended, and you can drink and talk and eat and laugh, as if it were your own, slightly cooler living room.

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  1. Oh, I love the crispy, buttery paninis at Duckfat! It’s hard to find good paninis, or cafes that specialize in them. My favorite here is the BLGT — a classic BLT but with a generous heap of tangy, creamy goats cheese. Just goes perfect with crispy bacon!

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