Review of Deux Cochon

Deux Cochon received 4½ stars from the Eat & Run review in today’s Press Herald.

The pork in the pulled pork sandwich ($6) was smoky and very flavorful, as close as you’ll find in the Portland area to what you can get down South. My friend and I, however, immediately and independently had the same reaction when we bit into our sandwiches: the meat, while delicious, was too dry. A vinegary, Carolina-style sauce from the Deux Cochon counter solved the problem, although it was a little overpowering…Despite that minor issue, I would highly recommend this pulled pork sandwich.

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  1. So the meat was confirmed “dry” by multiple people and then when sauce was added the sauce was “overpowering,” and it gets 4 1/2 stars. Huh!?

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