Review of Cinque Terre

The USM Free Press has published a review of Cinque Terre.

Overall, dining at Cinque Terre is a tasty and relaxing experience. Their atmosphere and unique dishes are well worth the money, but for college students, this might be a place to visit only on special occasions. If you do wish to visit Cinque Terre, be sure to make a reservation, especially on the weekends and during the summer months. They have become extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, so if you want to enjoy their authentic Italian cuisine be sure to call ahead.

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  1. Had dinner at Cinque Terre with my wife at the end of June and was very dissappointed with the experience. It was the waitresses first day on the job and normally I would allow for some inconsistencies but, she had no common sense and provided us with a terrible evening. To compound these problems, the kitchen repeatedly erred with our food orders, the presentation of the dishes, and total lack of interest in providing their customers with an enjoyable experience. They tried to smooth over the evening with complimentary drinks and desert but the damage had been done. Please post this on your website so that other potential patrons might be informed.

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