Review of Borealis

The Examiner has published a review of Borealis Breads Bakery & Bistro.

Come early (they open at 6.30a.m.) and enjoy breakfast: Maine Oatmeal simmering in apple juice accompanied by walnuts, raisins or cranberries, sweetened-up with brown sugar which would leave The Rolling Stones experiencing satisfaction which would make Sara smile.

2 comments on “Review of Borealis

  1. Heard that Stephen Goodrich of Power Pay has asked Harding Smith to open a cafe in the Power Pay building. Also heard that second in line is the Back Cove Deli on Ocean Ave.

  2. I would love to see Chris move Back Cove Deli downtown, considering all the tearing up of Ocean Ave that went on and might go on again next year. They make big mean sandwiches there.

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