Review of Boone’s, Restaurant Claims, Maine’s Seaweed Industry

Portland magazine has published a review of Boone’s,

It’s amazing that a lost institution like Boone’s can be found like this. The happy noise and fun and pounding music assures you you’ve found the mystical place you’ve been looking for. Come on in and crack one open. We rate this place five seagulls.

an interview with Tollef K. Olson of Ocean Approved about Maine’s seaweed industry,

A multi-billion-dollar industry is making a big splash on Maine’s shores. “We’re going global in the spring,” says Tollef K. Olson (pictured right), CEO and founder of Ocean Approved at 188 Presumpscot Street in Portland, an innovative firm that’s creating a lucrative market for Maine’s kelp beds overnight.

and an article about the claims made about and by Portland restaurants (go to page 47)

[There’s n]othing Maine loves more than food bragging rights, a best-of-boast, a pub fact.

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