Review of Boone’s

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Boone’s.

Boone’s Fish House & Oyster Room is a great addition to Portland’s list of seafood restaurant options. With (limited) on-site parking, two outside decks and a cavernous interior that manages to feel intimate despite its depth, this is the place to go for downtown seafood.

5 comments on “Review of Boone’s

  1. I have been several times to Boone’s. It is much much more than the review describes. The food can be downright spectacular. There are things on the menu that are surely geared toward tourists. However its a foodie paradise if you expand out! And it is hands down the best looking place in Portland. It appears meticulously renovated with nothing left undone.

  2. The review is far different from the majority of the 26 on yelp. Guess the manager knew they were in there to write a review.

  3. I did find it interesting that the reviewer alluded to, but never stated, that sheidentified herself as a reviewer which is why she got VIP treatment. Not u ethical, but certainly worth thinking about.

    And the Yelp writers clearly show that there are a number of problems including really poor service, inconsistent food, and so forth.

  4. Take out all the yelp reviews where it’s their first review (or second or third) – these are usually either friends of the house or in this case, enemies. I always ignore a one time reviewers five or one star. You’re left with about a 3-4 star placs in business for a month. That’s what I’ve found in my visits. Similar to the review.

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