Review of Blue Spoon

The Golden Dish has reviewed Blue Spoon.

A main course of pan-fried flounder was perfectly cooked–flakey, fresh and well-seasoned.  What drew me to the dish, however, was the accompanying side of caramelized green beans. These, however, were merely sautéed and remained al dente but not glazed whatsoever.  The fish had a further garnish of crispy fingerlings and olive oil poached sun gold tomatoes with basil—a pleasing Mediterranean touch, though overall too much oil on the dish.

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  1. I do like the fact that Mr. Golden is not afraid to nit pick the hell out of his food and report exactly what was not to his liking. Def. not a shill for any restaurant he reviews. I also greatly enjoyed BS’s blueberry cake with fresh whipped cream a few nights ago. It was gorgeous!

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