Public Market Spirit Lives On

The Portland Daily Sun has published an article about the Public Market House,

When the organizers of the Public Market House were ever faced with a big decision, they asked themselves, “What would Betty do?”

Betty Noyes, founder of the old public market, died before that market opened, but her spirit lives on at Monument Square, where the market house and the Wednesday Portland Farmer’s Market have enjoyed a healthy co-resurgence.

Kris Horton has been at the Public Market House for the past 16 years. Along with her K. Horton Specialty Foods, Maine Beer and Beverage and Big Sky Bakery comprise the “remnants of the old public market,” she said. “We felt that the notions of public market needed to continue. We wanted alcohol, flowers, bread and cheese.”

The latest issue of the Sun also includes this week’s column from Natalie Ladd.

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  1. It has been eight years, not sixteen since the Public House Market opened. (I looked on their website to be sure my memory was right.) it was sixteen years ago that the Public Market opened.

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