Profile of Dobra Tea and Update on the UFF

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes a profile of Dobra Tea. Dobra is located on Middle Street in the same building as Bull Moose and Videoport.

Walking into Dobra Tea feels like stumbling upon an eastern European cafe.

The arched windows, the warm mustard and burnt-orange walls, and the curvy woodworking details that look like something out of the genie’s bottle all shift your mood from rat-race mode to a lower-gear humming with old-world Bohemian tranquility.

Today’s paper also includes an update on the Urban Farm Fermentory. Among the many projects underway now is an experiment with Tilapia farming.

Under the glow of special lights, tomato plants and basil grow fast and lush. This unusual indoor garden sits atop two fish tanks where six freshwater tilapia swim, and the nutrient-rich water from the tanks is circulated through the hydroponic system feeding the plants’ roots.

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